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Two adrift for eight days after monsoon

OCT. 15 — Libi Belozerzki, 27, of Israel and Pierpaolo Mori, 35, of Italy had set out on their sailing yacht from Maldives, India, to sail on the Red Sea in late September, according to the Associated Press. However, ships in the area were alerted to be on the lookout for the couple when the RomeMaritimeRescueCoordinationCenter last heard from them after Sept. 24.

The couple was caught in a late monsoon storm that capsized and eventually sank their 50-foot yacht, Gigo 2, according to the Associated Press. They did have a life raft on board with emergency rations and water, and were left floating in open water Sept. 26. As supplies ran out over the course of eight days, salvation came in the form of a Belgian tugboat, which picked them up Oct. 3.

“It was a nightmare,” said Belozerzki to Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper. “Only after we were rescued did I realize how scary it was. We didn’t have any food or water left. All we thought about was how to get out of it alive.”

Belozerzki also mentioned to the paper that after the food ran out they managed to catch some fish and a sea turtle, which they ate raw.

The two were taken to a hospital in the southern Indian city of Kochi where they were treated for skin problems and dehydration, according to the news release.

— Elizabeth Ellis