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Two boat accidents lead to deaths, injuries

A high-speed boat crash at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout boat-racing event left two men in serious need of medical attention on Saturday.

The accident happened shortly after boats began making their runs at the races that morning. The Missouri State Highway Patrol said it was dispatched to a serious crash just after 10:30 a.m., according to Channel 10 News.

Shootout officials estimate that the 46 foot Outerlimits catamaran was traveling about 150 miles an hour when wind interference caused it to lift from the water.

The water along the 34 Mile Marker was calm, with minimal winds. The run started well, but just as the brand-new Outerlimits approached the finish line at the end of the one-mile course, the bow began to lift dangerously high. Suddenly, the boat flew out of the water, flipping end over end and reaching an estimated 50 feet in the air, according to

In New York, a 75-year-old man was killed last Wednesday when a boat exploded at a Long Island marina.

The owner of a boat docked at Manhasset Bay Marina in Port Washington was killed when the boat exploded while it was being refueled, Nassau County Police told NBC New York. Another man who was on the boat escaped by jumping into the water.

Workers who were helping to refuel the boat escaped without injury. The burning boat drifted to a nearby dock and damaged other boats before a quick-thinking worker towed it away to prevent further damage. He suffered burns to his arms and face.

Some nearby boats had minor damage and scorching from the explosion. One boater said that part of a cooler flew into his vessel after the blast.

Nassau County police have not identified the victim.