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Two common chores for diesel boat owners

They are the lasting workhorse of many a cruising or sailing vessel, the inboard diesel engine. Some say they have a reputation for being finicky while others swear by their never-ending reliability.

Either side you choose, there are two common chores that the owners of diesel engine boats need to be able to easily perform. Changing a diesel fuel filter and bleeding the fuel line of air are topics shown in two new helpful “how-to” videos by BoatUS Magazine. They can be found at:

How to Change a Fuel Filter on a Marine Diesel:

How to Bleed a Marine Diesel Engine:

“Bleeding a diesel engine of air is a misunderstood ‘black art’,” BoatUS Magazine associate editor Mark Corke said. “But it’s very easy to learn when we show you how to do it.” The videos are part of the magazine’s Practical Boater series that offers skills building, techniques and best practices to get the most out of boating.

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