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Two if by sea

When Tony Curphey, 67, of Hampshire,England, ran into trouble with his 27-foot wooden clipper Galenaia, he didn’t call the Coast Guard — he called his wife, according to a BBC report.

Tony and Susanne Huber-Curphey, 47, had a plan to sail the world together, but in separate vessels. Tony found himself in trouble about 700 miles off the coast of New Zealand in late March when his vessel began taking on water in a storm. He radioed Susanne, who was about 150 miles away in her 40-foot ketch named So Long, claiming he didn’t want to be known as another “Tony Bullimore,” according to the report.

Bullimore is a bluewater adventure sailor who spurred an expensive rescue by the Royal Australian Navy five days after his yacht capsized in the Southern Ocean during the Vendee Globe solo round-the-world yacht race in 1997.

Susanne, who normally doesn’t see her husband until they make port, traveled two days to reach him and sailed past him five times before she was able to get a tow line attached, according to The Times Online. The couple kept in touch with rescue services, declining their help, and reached Nelson,New Zealand, in eight days.

“His words on the radio were ‘I’d rather be rescued by Susanne than by the authorities,’ ” said Susanne in the BBC report.