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Two men hijack fishing boat to slip into U.S.

The search continued Wednesday for two young men who hijacked a fishing boat on Lake Ontario in order to enter the United States from Canada Tuesday afternoon.

One of the men spoke only French and the other spoke both French and English, with a New Jersey accent, said U.S. Border Patrol Agent Michael Zimmerman.

A father and son said the men approached them at the Queenston, Ont. docks and offered to pay $200 to be taken out fishing. The father was unable to go out, but his 17-year-old son, who captained the boat, told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies that he took the two men late Tuesday morning for a day of fishing on Lake Ontario.

He said after about two hours on the water, they appeared to lose interest in fishing and offered to pay more to get closer to the U.S. side in order to take pictures.

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