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Two tales of survivors adrift

A young Panamanian hotel worker survived 26 days adrift in Pacific and a Texas man survived 30 hours in the water after boat sinks in Gulf of Mexico in two fatal marine accidents, according to media reports.

An 18-year-old who worked at a seaside hotel in Panama happily took up an offer by two friends to join them on a fishing trip and earn some extra cash.

Twenty-eight days later, Adrian Vasquez was found drifting alone in the 10-foot fishing boat more than 600 miles from where the trio had set out to fish.

His two friends had died and he likely owed his survival to a sudden rainstorm, the Ecuadorean coast guard captain who helped nurse Vasquez back to health said Monday, speaking by phone from San Cristobal island.

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In the Gulf of Mexico an angler lost his best friend and spent hours treading water after his fishing boat started to sink.

In the end, Ken Henderson made a decision that saved his life but lost him a best friend. He cut the string connecting their life jackets and swam for help.

“He couldn’t kick his legs to swim anymore and I knew I had a choice,” Henderson told the Conroe Courier of his friend, Ed Coen. “I told him, ‘I need your help,’ or we would both be stranded out here and die.”

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