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Typhoon-ravaged fisherman: 'Just give us a boat '

In the Philipino fishing village of Concepcion, the sea has always been Charito Badong's lifeline. Fishing allowed the father of seven to feed his family and earn enough money to send his children to school.

But when devastating Typhoon Haiyan slammed ashore and destroyed his three fishing boats, the 57-year-old lost the bridge to his past, present and future.

“The only thing we rely on is our boat – it’s our main support and help,” Gelito Parelio, a 59-year-old fisherman and father of nine, told NBC News. “Losing my boat is like losing a part of my body.”

But thanks to an innovative program named "Adopt a Fisherman,” which matches donors to needy fisherman, both men are now spending their days rebuilding their fishing boats so they can get back out on the water.

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