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U.K. town going green

The Broads Green Boat Show to be held Sept. 8 in Norfolk, England is being touted as “the only boat show dedicated to sustainable boating and green energy.”

After their success in 2006, the show is back with a variety of “green” boats attendees can try, including kayaks, canoes, electric boats, pedal boats and dinghies. Each is designed with the intention of making as little impact on the environment as possible.

The goal of the show is to encourage “low carbon” propulsion for boats such as rowing, paddling, pedaling, sailing, electric and biofuel-power, and aspects of environmentally friendly design and construction.

Some of the highlights will include displays of fuel cells, solar panels, wind turbines and recycled products; and the opportunity to travel to the show by electric water taxi.

The show is organized by the Electric Boat Association and the Broads Society, a registered charity who works with the Broads Authority to monitor, protect and preserve the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, Britain’s largest protected wetland and third-largest inland waterway.

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-- Elizabeth Ellis