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U.S. Cup team visits New York YC

BMW Oracle Racing, the only American Challenger for the 32nd America’s Cup, recently kicked off a tour of eight noted U.S. yacht clubs.

BMW Oracle Racing, the only American Challenger for the 32nd America’s Cup, recently kicked off a tour of eight noted U.S. yacht clubs. The team’s first stop was Oct. 24 at the New York Yacht Club, where team CEO and skipper Chris Dickson was on hand, and America’s Cup winner Gary Jobson acted as master of ceremonies.

Nearly 200 members packed the New York Yacht Club’s famous Model Room to hear about team BMW Oracle Racing’s progress during the 2005 America’s Cup class racing season. Jobson showed a film about the history of the America’s Cup competition and the BMW Oracle Racing campaign. Dickson made the keynote speech.

On Oct. 25 Dickson was joined by Joachim Faber, chairman of Allianz Global Investors, for a roundtable discussion with the media about the BMW Oracle Racing campaign and the recent signing of the global investor as a main sponsor.

“We were the only challenger to beat Alinghi this year,” Dickson said. “Performance-wise, we have a solid team. We know where we’ve come from and know a few more steps in the future. I think 2007 will be very interesting.”

Dickson is excited about the technological advances his team is making, and he is looking forward to sailing the two new boats that are being built by BMW Oracle Racing’s design team in Seattle. “Our boats and accessories continue to be built lighter and faster,” Dickson said. “At the end of the day, the differences we see might seem small but, when you think about it, we deal in only seconds per mile. Over a 12-mile race, we’re not looking for a lot, necessarily.

“We’re all focused on success and on being the best we can be,” he continued. “A team is only as good as its last race.”

Dickson said he was happy that Allianz decided to sign on as a major sponsor of the campaign. “We’re hungry to get money in because we know we can invest it directly into boat speed,” Dickson went on. “The whole team works hard to get sponsorship to strengthen us. Everyone works very hard to get the most mileage out of the money we have. The most important thing is how you spend your money. We’ve been operating at a very consistent pace of the past few years. I think we’ve set ourselves apart from other campaigns in that respect.”

Of being a sponsor of the BMW Oracle Racing campaign, Faber said: “The sailing sport is a competitive one that requires as much commitment to achievement as any other sport we sponsor. We’re happy to have the opportunity to attach our name to the American team.”

Other stops on the team’s tour included the Annapolis (Md.) Yacht Club in Annapolis; the Golden Gate Yacht Club in San Francisco; the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco; the Long Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach, Calif.; the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, Calif.; the Seattle Yacht Club in Seattle; and wrapped up Nov. 13 at the San Diego Yacht Club in San Diego. http://