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Ultimate sail training far from home

Whether you want to sail your own yacht around the Capes, or just be more proficient in your home waters, Xplore Expeditions introduces the ultimate sail training program, promising, “everything you have always wanted to know about sailing, but never had the chance to pursue.”

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Or never had the chance to pursue in conditions as challenging as this. Xplore Expeditions begins this unique hands-on course Sept. 6 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and travels south through the Straits of Magellan to the Chilean port of Punta Arenas.

“Sailing in the south is safe and enjoyable if you are well-prepared,” says skipper/ expedition leader Stephen Wilkins. “This training is aimed at giving you all the inside knowledge on how to handle yourself and a yacht in this raw and tough part of the world.”

Yacht and systems preparation, maintenance, repairs, provisioning, seamanship, charting, navigation, and weather forecasting are some of the topics studied on the initial three-week passage. Wilkins promises excellent ocean and coastal sailing along with a healthy dose of heavy weather sailing, plus instruction on safety, survival, dealing with emergencies and “what ifs.”

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Then, the program culminates with a 14-day sail through the remote reaches of Tierra del Fuego — with the students at the helm: testing and practicing the skills learned and discussed along the way, in a “two-week unforgettable voyage of discovery” through the land of fire.

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“Whether you are a yacht owner with dreams and desires to sail the world, or simply a sailor who wants to develop your skills in the most incredible — and at times most demanding — conditions in the world; this is it,” says Wilkins.

The course takes place on a 67-foot steel hulled sloop Xplore designed and built specifically for extreme sailing conditions. Comfortable accommodations include a full galley, heaters, and semiprivate cabins.

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