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Underwater cemetery is open for business

The Neptune Society, a provider of cremation services and funerals at sea, has launched an underwater cemetery with a lost City of Atlantis motif 3.25 miles off Key Biscayne, according to a recent press release.

What the company is calling “the largest man-made reef” encompasses 16 acres of ocean floor 45 feet below the surface and has room for more than 125,000 burial sites. In addition to a unique resting place, it also serves as a destination for divers and explorers, with 5,000 concrete sculptures such as columns, benches, figurines, artifacts and gates that all meet together in a central plaza. The reef even includes “ruins,” a place where nooks, caves and niches welcome tropical fish and other marine life, according to the release.

The deceased will be remembered by a concrete memorial block emblazoned with a bronze plaque. The cost of each memorial runs from $2,000 to $10,000. Each one will help to sustain marine life in the reef, creating what Kim Brandell, designer for the Neptune Society, calls “life after life.”

The Neptune Society is privately owned by BG Capital Group and has been “the leader in alternative funeral services” since 1973. For information, visit

— Elizabeth Ellis