Underwater Observation Room Pushes Yacht Design Envelope

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Yacht designers are always searching for new ways to push the envelope, but one new idea from Gresham Yacht Design really takes the cake for innovation. The Hydrosphere is an underwater observation platform designed in response to the recent increased demand for personal submersibles, giving yacht owners a brand new way to explore the sea.

The Hydrosphere is not quite a submarine, as it is attached to the boat’s hull, but it can descend a few meters underwater in minutes and accommodate up to seven people. It can remain deployed as the yacht travels at up to 2 knots, allowing passengers to get a moving view of the underwater world.

Once retracted back into the hull, the Hydrosphere is protected by an external hatch. It can be added to any current vessel that is at least 295 feet, but it will be easier to incorporate into new builds.

The Hydrosphere may be available on vessels in only a few years. While imagined for superyachts, the concept may also be especially useful on research vessels.



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