VIDEO: 8 Unforgettable Outboard-Powered Boats

Aquila 36

Aquila 36

Modern outboard engines seemingly have it all. They’re quiet, efficient, reliable, clean-burning and pack a heck of a wallop in the performance department. Boatbuilders are taking advantage of these… ahem… advantages by powering an ever-broadening range of boat models with outboards.

Whether you’re looking for a crossover-style dayboat or a luxurious bowrider, one of the eight boats in this video slideshow should tickle your fancy.

Curious to see more? Check out our recent review of the outboard-powered Ranger Tug’s R-27. Also, keep an eye out for our Miami International Boat Show preview in the February issue of Soundings. It’s loaded with recently introduced and debuting outboard-powered boats you can see at the show.  



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