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Unmanned solar-powered boat adrift in the Atlantic

An unmanned, solar-powered boat built by a Worcester Polytechnic Institute student and his friends will apparently not complete its journey from Rhode Island to Spain.

Scout, which would have been the first fully-autonomous craft to sail across the Atlantic, is now fully adrift, its creators reported to The Republican.

A post by one of the crew members late last week on Scout's website reported the bad news:

“Scout appears to be adrift and moving fully with the seas at this point. It has had a couple of sunny days to recharge if those systems were working working. The best guess at this point is some sort of electrical or software failure onboard with the Arduino processors. It is going to be very difficult to pinpoint the actual failure until we (hopefully) recover the boat. Anyone know the weather in the Azores mid-winter? Anyone know anyone with a boat in the Azores?”

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