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Unmanned toy boat attempts Atlantic crossing

A retired NATO scientist will this week launch his toy boat – which has already sailed 5,500 miles – on what he hopes will be the first unmanned trip across the Atlantic.

It sounds like an unlikely conqueror of the Atlantic — only 4 feet long, weighing just 30 pound and held together in parts by string.

But this week a toy boat called Snoopy Sloop will follow in the wake of Trans-Atlantic pioneers like Christopher Columbus when it attempts to become the first craft to make an unmanned crossing of the ocean.

Its creator Robin Lovelock, a retired NATO scientist, has spent four years developing a craft he believes can survive the 6,000 mile journey.

“The chances of an encounter with another vessel are so small, and Snoopy should just be brushed out of the way,” he said. “There are certain things to worry about and others not to. The likely problems will be with reliability, and how the navigation system works with the tides.”

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