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Unusual stowaway found on pleasure boat

A British boat owner received a shock when he found a mink living on his vessel.

Colin White, who owns a boat at South Harbour in Blyth, England, noticed the creature, but was unsure what it was.

“To my surprise, when I boarded the boat, a head popped out of the chain locker at the stern,” he told the local press. “At first I wasn’t sure if it was an otter or a mink but I managed to photograph it and have confirmed it is a mink.”

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In an unrelated story, a British rescue center has reportedly been overrun by seal pups in wake of record flood surge

Staff at the East Winch Wildlife Centre in Norfolk, England, are now struggling to cope with the influx of some 100 rescue pups and have appealed for help in looking after them. Many of the animals are less than three weeks old and were washed up after a tidal surge hit the eastern coast.

"If it wasn't for us, these seal pups would starve to death,” the center's manager Alison Charles told the press.

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