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Unwelcome guest

JUNE 19 — Not long after its maiden voyage, a 27-foot Bayliner was impaled at its slip by a falling 65,000-pound forklift last week at a Wisconsin marina.

The fork list was being used to pull out a portion of the dock ordered removed by the state Department of Natural Resources, a report in the La Crosse Tribune newspaper says. The operator apparently failed to set the brake and the forklift lurched forward, off the dock and into the boat.

Looking up in time to see the forklift fall from the dock, the boat’s owner dove from the boat seconds before impact, the report says. One of the tines punctured the boat’s hull.

“[The owner] told me he had to dive through the tines out of the way and into the water to avoid being crushed,” a police official says in the report.

A local fire department crew was able to contain several gallons of fuel that had leaked into the water, according to the report. The Bayliner and the forklift were later removed from the water. No one was injured during the accident.

Jason Fell