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US Sailing releases report on fatal race tragedy

The nation’s governing body for sail racing, US Sailing, has released a report of an independent review panel on its investigation of the sailing accident that occurred off the coast of Southern California on March 8 during the 2013 Islands Race. The accident resulted in the death of a sailor.

The panel has identified a number of suspected causes a set of recommendations for consideration to help prevent similar future tragedies.

Crewmembers aboard Uncontrollable Urge, a Columbia Carbon 32 sailboat, encountered dangerous conditions when their vessel’s rudder failed while sailing along the shore of San Clemente Island. Rough seas drove the 32-foot sailboat into the surf line causing major damage and the crew of six was forced to abandon the vessel. The Coast Guard was able to rescue five of the six sailors aboard.

Click here for the full press release on the findings and click here for access to the full 2013 Island Race Report.