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Vessel Vanguard offers manuals on Active Interest Media sites

Boat owners are often frustrated by the difficulty involved in finding the operating manuals for used boats as well as recent models.

Under an agreement with Active Interest Media, the parent company of Soundings, more than 16,000 operating manuals accumulated by the boat systems management firm Vessel Vanguard are available free at the websites of AIM publications.

“We are pleased to work closely with AIM to simplify boat ownership for everyone, whether they own a new or older boat,” Vessel Vanguard founder and CEO Donald Hyde said in a statement. “AIM has extended their market reach to provide this as a reader service to any boat owner. This is a proactive way to support the boating lifestyle, and we are proud to play our part.”

By clicking a link on the landing page of Trade Only, Soundings, Sail, Power & Motoryacht, PassageMaker or Yachts International, a boat owner can receive access to download a missing manual from Vessel Vanguard’s Marine Data Library.

If the manual is not available in the library, Vessel Vanguard will attempt to locate it from the builder or other resources and contact the requesting boat owner when it is available.

The service was officially launched on Oct. 28 as a joint service of the AIM Marine Group and Vessel Vanguard. It will continue indefinitely.

Vessel Vanguard members have access to online manuals for their boats as one of the benefits of being a subscriber.