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Veteran Antarctic sailor’s take on yacht sinking

Australian sailing adventurer Don McIntyre who, among his many other sailing exploits, has made nine sailing voyages to and through Antarctic waters, recently talked about the loss of the Norwegian yacht Berserk in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic.

The steel yacht was skippered by Norwegian television personality Jarle Andhoey. On land trying to reach the South Pole, he survived the sinking that cost the lives of three of his crewmates.

"The captain, Jarle Andhoey, has simply been reckless from the moment he set out on this expedition," McIntyre told the Sail-World website. "He has an adventurous spirit, which I admire. I have laughed at a few of his exploits in the past. He has the right to do his own thing, as we all do, but only if it does not impact on anyone else or break any laws which may be in place for the sake of the environment or humanity."

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