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VIDEO: $10,000 or steak knives

All you need to enter the R2AK is a boat of any size, but it must have no engine or electric motor. Auxiliary power comes from the crew and has fostered a host of interesting approaches.

In addition to a boat, entrants need a healthy dose of seamanship skills to cope with squalls and impossibly rapid tidal currents along the route. Maybe more than anything, they need to be a little crazy.

Stage 1, a 40-mile qualifier race from the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, Washington, to the harbor at Victoria, British Columbia, began June 23. Stage 2, a 710-mile marathon from Victoria to Ketchikan, Alaska, began on Sunday with a Le Mans start.

The competitors will follow the Inside Passage and have only two waypoints to honor — one at Seymour Narrows and the other at Bella Bella. Otherwise the race has no official course.

As of Thursday at 6:14 a.m. Pacific time, Team Mad Dog Racing, aboard its Marstrom 32 catamaran, led by a healthy margin and was sailing at 18.4 knots on a north-northeast course. She might have made port by the end of the day. The slowest boats may not arrive for another three weeks.

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