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VIDEO: 3 weeks' work in 150,000 images

The last few weeks of wintry weather have caused headaches in many parts of the country — multi-car pileups, cancelled flights, frigid temperatures — as well as snow days for kids.

It’s almost enough to make a penguin yearn for sunshine and a piña colada.

If you want to feel less sorry for yourself, have a look at what happens in Antarctica when the weather throws a curve ball.

Last year, a warmer-than-usual winter weakened a floating ice pier normally used for the annual offload of cargo that’s crucial to the McMurdo Base Station’s survival, according to the Antarctic Sun. So the old pier was removed by ship and the new cargo delivery began with the assembly of a temporary causeway.

Photographer Anthony Powell captured the entire process with four Canon SLR cameras and a GoPro HD camera. He put together 150,000 images to make a time-lapse video, which captures not only the Lego-like construction process but the breathtaking beauty of the Antarctic landscape as storms pass through and the first full sunset arrives after months of daylight.