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VIDEO: A boat that 'walks'

The Crawling Lander Craft may not be for everyone, but we find this 31-foot self-beaching and launching boat pretty cool.

The key is the hydraulically articulating spikes on the gangway that dig into the ground and literally drag the aluminum boat onto a beach. It can even be operated remotely to push itself back into deeper water after disembarking, a design for tide adjustments.

Check out this demonstration at four times normal speed.

The Crawler is designed and built by Hard Drive Marine, which is based in Bellingham, Wash., home to a rugged breed of commercial and recreational boaters.

Beyond the crawling feature, the builder also has designed an innovative movable modular cabin that slides from the stern, where it’s most stable and comfortable in rough seas, forward to make room for fishing and harvesting.

Take a look at that feature at work, also at four times normal speed.