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VIDEO: A show of power

The ferocious power of great white sharks remains awesome, no matter how often it’s witnessed.

South African marine filmmaker Mark van Coller of Atlantic Edge Films has a trick for capturing the oceans’ apex predator in its glory: a decoy seal.

The Atlantic Edge team recently towed a decoy seal about 65 feet behind his boat in False Bay, Cape Town, for multiple days to capture several video clips of great white sharks breaching the surface of the water.

What he captured on camera is amazing.

The action was not nearly as hot as van Coller’s video clip makes it, however.

He said the team recorded as many as six breaches in one day using the decoy seal, but concentration was key, he told The Telegraph, as there could be as much as an hour of inactivity between shark sightings — so they let the cameras roll.

"It is much too quick to be able to pick up the camera and record. By that time it is all over," he said.