VIDEO: Added attraction


Scuttling old warships and commercial ships for the purpose of creating artificial reefs and underwater diving parks is done in Australia and in the Florida Keys.

The Ocean Revival Park is a similar project off Portugal, where four decommissioned Portuguese Navy vessels have been purposefully sunk off the Algarve tourist region. The most recent sinking occurred last September, when the 211-foot, 1,320-ton hydrographic vessel Almeida Carvalho was scuttled. The ship operated in icy waters for the Portuguese Navy and the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute from 1972 until it was retired in 2002.

The non-profit group Ocean Revival, which spearheads the diving park project, captured the event with multiple cameras, including several mounted on and inside the sinking ship.

Here’s a sampling of the great ship, holed like Swiss cheese from multiple onboard explosions, sinking like a stone. The full 3:46 video, which includes much of the complex staging work, can be found on YouTube.