VIDEO: An interview with Nordhavn’s Jim and Jeff Leishman


This week, we offer you a video preview of Talkin' Boats, a feature Soundings publishes, which is a Q&A session with a boatbuilder, designer, propulsion expert or the like.

I recently interviewed Jim Leishman, owner and VP of Nordhavn Yachts, about a new boat from the trawler builder — the 52 Coastal Pilot.

Click play to watch.

He’s an interesting guy — and so is his brother, Jeff, a naval architect who designed the 52 Coastal Pilot, and is Nordhavn owner and chief designer. Either one would have been a good choice for a Talkin’ Boats subject. But I thought that together it could be an even stronger Q&A. I interviewed them via Skype and filmed our video chat.