VIDEO: Anglers in fast lane


In Argentina, they love their fishing, and they sure know how to throw a party.

Case in point is the annual Fiesta Nacional del Surubí, a massive street festival and fishing tournament held in the city of Goya.

A highlight of the event, held April 27 through May 3, is the fishing tournament, which is nothing like the tourneys American anglers know.

At precisely 3 p.m. a ragtag fleet of more than 500 powerboats go full-throttle across the starting line to race down the Paraná River to find the best spot to catch surubí, large catfish that are iconic to the city.

Take a look at this year’s start to get a sense of what you’re missing. About three-fourths of the way through the video, an unexpected visitor makes an airborne arrival.

Goya has been a fishing-centric city for hundreds of years. During the tournament, the locally famous "Surubí Song" is played at each local radio station, hotel and restaurant.



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