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VIDEO: Beaver vs. kayaker

A New York man was simply looking for a quiet kayak paddle when he was attacked by an angry beaver, of all things.

"It was like watching a horror film," Nate Reynolds, a kayak instructor at the BayCreek Paddling Center, told WHAM-TV in Rochester, N.Y. "I heard my name called out from the shop and I ran out the door to see a guy getting pulled into the water."

The critter was still latched onto kayaker Michael Cavanaugh’s arm when Reynolds reached the dock and whacked the beaver with a paddle. The force of the blow broke the head off the paddle.

Cavanaugh was treated for bite wounds to his arm and back and for rabies, as a precaution.

The beaver disappeared, but its body was found a day later and was being tested for rabies.

Beaver attacks on humans are rare, experts say, but a man was reportedly killed by a beaver last year in the eastern European country of Belarus.