VIDEO: Bluewater highway


At some point we have all had to make our way through an especially busy inlet or been stuck in a “traffic jam” waiting for a bridge to open.

We found a video that offers a unique perspective on how busy the highways and byways that make up the world’s shipping lanes are.

Watch a week’s worth of ship traffic on the seven seas, as seen from space, all in about a minute and a half.

The vessel movements were captured with the newest terrestrial and space-borne AIS technology from FleetMon and its partner, Luxspace.

The records cover the world's merchant fleet of more than 100,000 cargo ships, tankers, ferries, cruise ships, yachts and tugs. FleetMon provides advanced fleet monitoring services, software APIs, reports and analyses of maritime traffic data.

The video shows live monitoring with the FleetMon Explorer software.