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VIDEO: Boat designs that are inside the box

Boatbuilders have begun powering larger express cruisers and sport yachts with outboards. Pursuit and Sea Ray are hanging twin high-horsepower 4-strokes on two new boats, marking a shift in boat design and engine installation that goes hand in hand with advances in outboard technology.

Hold on now. Aren’t boatbuilders already using big outboards to power express boats, such as SeaVee’s 430 Express and Intrepid’s 430 and 475 Sport Yachts?

The difference is that Pursuit and Sea Ray have cleverly hidden the outboards in compartments, so the boats look more like conventional sport or express cruisers. The triple and quad outboards on the Intrepid and SeaVee are in plain view.

Click play to watch.

We’ve put together a slideshow to illustrate how each builder has executed the layouts and engineering of the engine compartment, cockpit, helm and cabin. See what you think.

Pursuit and Sea Ray capitalize on the relatively small size of the outboard, compared with sterndrive or inboard installations, to deliver larger cabins and more lounge seating and sunpads in the stern area.

And the Sea Ray and Pursuit differ in other ways, as you'll see in the slideshow.