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VIDEO: Boater saved from circling sharks

It seems to be a story tailor-made for a movie script: A small boat is swamped, dropping three anglers into the ocean. One is rescued as a hammerhead shark circles him after he treaded water without a life jacket for 20 hours.

Oh, and the rescued man is naked.

As a TV news helicopter hovered, the 49-year-old Australian held up his hands as if in prayer, unaware that the answer to his pleas was behind him in the form of a rescue boat. The exhausted man was treated for hypothermia.

Click play to view a CNN report on the ordeal.

Conditions in the area were reported as 6- to 9-foot swells and water temperatures near 50 F.

The search by the Australian coast guard covered about 125 square miles of the Indian Ocean.

One of the other anglers, a 23-year-old man, was found dead shortly after the rescue. Another 23-year-old man — the survivor's nephew — remained missing and was presumed dead.