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VIDEO: Burning beauty

Boaters tend to love their boats and Larry Jodass is no different.

But for perspective, Jodass suffered the fiery loss of Polar Bear, his 89-foot 2011 Aleutian yacht valued at $24 million last summer.

A local sailor out on the water saw the flames at Marine Group Boat Works in Chula Vista, Calif., and sent his camera drone over to capture some spectacular footage.

“I've been flying RC aircraft for over 27 years. I'm also a sailor and own a boat. This is any boater’s worst nightmare come true,” said Kurt Roll, the sailor who captured the footage. “It doesn't matter if you have money or not. A boat fire is devastating if you love your boat.”

Christopher Gonzalez, who works at the Marine Group Boat Works machine shop, told San Diego 6 News, “I’ve never seen a fire that big spreading that fast before. One of the hoses blew out; I saw smoke coming out from one of the holes. I looked and it started spreading forward, climbing up to the bow and, before you knew it, the whole thing was going up.”