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VIDEO: Buyer sought for SS United States propeller

The SS United States Conservancy is looking to sell a massive propeller from the historic ship sitting on its deck in Philadelphia.

The conservancy, which is fighting to save the ship, says it is in a race against time and has taken the unusual step of offering one of its propellers for sale.

The organization needs the financial resources to care for the nearly 1,000-foot ship. It continues to negotiate with potential developers and investors to repurpose the ship as a museum and mixed-use destination.

If no buyer is found by June 3, the conservancy says it will be forced to sell the four-blade propeller to a recycler.

“In so many ways, we’ve never been closer to realizing our vision of saving America’s Flagship,” SS United States Conservancy executive director Susan Gibbs said in a statement. “However, our time grows perilously short. We agonized over this decision, but the proceeds from this sale of the propeller will buy us some crucial time to finalize promising negotiations with investors.”

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