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VIDEO: Caught by surprise

In 28 years of charter fishing Capt. Kevin Faver of St. Augustine, Fla., had never experienced anything on the water quite like what happened on the first Sunday afternoon in May.

“And I never want it to happen again,” Faver told the St. Augustine Record.

Faver was fishing for yellowmouth trout on the local reefs and wrecks with Bill Pollackov, the producer and videographer of Faver’s local TV fishing series, “Tails from the Outdoors Fishing Show.”

After a slow morning of trolling, landing several king mackerel, Faver got a bite from what he initially thought was a small fish. That changed quickly and “the rod just got hammered.”

Click play to watch.

The fish yanked off about 30 feet of line, he said, then turned back to run at the boat.

As Faver explains it, the next thing he knew “there was five feet of flying teeth” launching toward his head.