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VIDEO: Close encounters

A group of tourists were awed, and almost capsized, by a pair of Fin whales. Second in size to the blue whale, the Fin whale can grow to reach 75 feet in length. Their V-shaped heads make them well adapted to their habitat and make them incredible swimmers – Fin whales can reach up to 28 mph in rapid bursts of speed. These whales feed on krill and can be found across the world and like the humpback, they are on the endangered species list.

The salty St Lawrence is populated by 13 species of cetaceans, frequently draws whale-watching crowds. Tadoussac, in Quebec, is a popular departure point where companies like Croisières AML offer whale watching cruise options on boats that take as many as 493 passengers, or 24 or 48 passengers on shorter trips on a smaller Zodiac.

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