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VIDEO: ‘Crucible moments’ on the water

The Race to Alaska is back for its third iteration. The 750-mile-long race from Port Townsend, Washington, to Ketchikan, Alaska, starts June 8.

It’s the longest human-and-wind-powered race of its kind in North America, and the rules are simple: Any boat without an engine can compete and competitors must be self-supported.

First place takes home $10,000; second place gets a set of steak knives. Last year 200 competitors raced in everything from pedal boats to high-tech carbon fiber catamarans.

This video from CBS has highlights from the 2016 event:

The Race to Alaska is a project of the Northwest Maritime Center. The non-profit seeks to foster a spirit of adventure and discovery and intends to inspire people to push their limits, seek adventure and explore engineless voyaging.