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VIDEO: Daring directors film breathtaking surfing footage

Riding the world’s fastest and biggest waves is no easy task. Filming the surfers who take them on can be just as complicated.

Directors Justin McMillan and Christopher Nelius followed two-time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and big-wave pioneer Ross Clarke-Jones for the filming of “Storm Surfers 3D,” a movie that was first released in August in Australia.

The 95-minute documentary is making its way to North America, and The Torontonian says “these are characters who risk their lives for great footage.”

The crew uses boats, helicopters and PWC to capture the surfers as they ride “uncharted and previously unsurfed water.”

Click play for behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the movie.

The directors talk about the technical challenges of filming and the precise timing and coordination needed to capture big waves at the right time.

“You feel like you’re on edge all day just praying that something doesn’t break, and you’re in an environment where things break all the time,” McMillan says.

Seasickness is also an issue.

“Some of the ocean we’re going in would turn anyone green,” Nelius says.