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VIDEO: 'Death roll,' then triumph

On-board video from Australia’s recent Rolex Sydney Hobart Race shows a firsthand account of a crew getting dunked but righting their boat and heading on to victory in their class.

Wild Rose, a Farr 43 owned by veteran Roger Hickman, suffered what’s known as a “death roll,” in which the boat actually broaches to windward.

Take a look at the chaos and recovery.

The skipper’s sister, Lisa, captured the action. Luckily, there was no damage to the boat. The crew were safe, and Wild Rose went on to take class honors and be declared Overall Winner in another wild edition of Australia’s biggest offshore race, held annually on the day after Christmas, from Sydney Harbor to Hobart on the island of Tasmania.

“When we had our whoopsy — when we laid the boat over — we put pressure on the helm to get back on our feet. … It was the first time we’ve ever seen the keel,” said skipper Hickman. He noted that it was one of several mishaps the crew endured on their way to victory.