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VIDEO: Desperate moments

When a fishing trawler ran onto rocks while trying to enter an Irish port in gale conditions, the three crewmen aboard the 66-foot steel vessel quickly found themselves in a life-or-death situation with 10-foot seas washing over the deck.

Thankfully, an experienced crew of highly trained volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was on the scene in minutes.

The fishermen were shaken by their ordeal but uninjured.

“Our priority was to get the crew safely off the trawler, which was complicated by the breaking waves coming over the top of the boat. We needed to maneuver the lifeboat in as close as possible to the stricken trawler so that the three fishermen could individually jump into the water to be recovered immediately by the lifeboat crew,” said Kinsale RNLI’s Nick Searls, who said the three wearing life jackets was critical to their survival.

Thanks to BitterEnd blog and HumansAtSea for the video tip.