VIDEO: Different type of cruising boat


Retired naval architect Doug Cuthbert wanted to go cruising with his family, but rather than sail over the horizon aboard some beautiful creation of his own, he wanted to go land cruising.

Although no water was involved, the family of five did set off in a “vessel” of Cuthbert’s own creation: a “boat RV” built from a garbage truck. The smart use of space and amenities that make for a good cruising boat also apply to a land yacht, so his boatbuilding background was put to good use in creating a comfortable home away from home.

The family’s cruise took them on a 16-month tour of Europe and Asia. The RV cost $171,000 to build. The interior even has a decidedly Herreshoff feel to it. It’s like stepping aboard a finely appointed yacht.


A good turn of speed is one of the advantages of planing hulls. (A Beneteau Barracuda 9 is shown.)

How different hull types react in rough water

Displacement, semidisplacement and planing hulls all have their pluses and minuses. We compare and contrast them.