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VIDEO: Dinnertime for sharks

In the waning days of summer Down Under, several beaches in Perth, Australia, were recently closed when a large group of sharks were seen feasting nearby on schooling baitfish and small tuna.

The group of mostly spinner and blacktip sharks were filmed about a mile offshore. It’s a much more unnerving sight than a group of dolphins swimming by, for sure.

As the commentator for an Australian TV station said, “Little fish chased by big fish being chased by bigger fish.”

Click play for the footage.

A Surf Life Saving helicopter filmed the estimated 50 to 60 sharks, measuring 8 to 13 feet, and Surf Life Saving operations manager Chris Peck said the sheer number of them was rare.

"You normally don't see them in this number," Peck said. "Where there's baitfish, there's usually two or three of them."

There have been three fatal shark attacks in western Australia since August, although the beach closings were a precaution in this case.