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VIDEO: 'Disaster averted'

All three crewmembers were rescued safely after the 74-foot Carolina-style sportfishing boat Afunday hit a reef off the port city of Fajardo in Puerto Rico.

Boat International said the vessel was being delivered from Florida to its owner in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Reports are that everyone is OK. Can happen to even the best of captains,” wrote the Sailsmen Fishing Team, which was nearby and posted images on its Facebook page. “Important to remember that your chart won't always show you entirely accurate depths or navigational hazards.”

Sea Tow Puerto Rico prevented the boat from sinking. It was towed to safety and lifted out of the water after 2,800 gallons of diesel fuel were removed.

Here’s a video from Sea Tow.

“Environmental disaster averted in Puerto Rico. A yacht with 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel aboard struck a reef and began sinking,” wrote Sea Tow colleague Tom Kehlenbach, who posted the video.

The marine website Ocean of News posted a video of the damage assessment after the boat was saved and pulled from the water following the Jan. 14 accident.