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VIDEO: Do what you love

It has been eight years since Brian Trautman left his job, sold everything he owned and set sail for a seven-month cruise to Australia on board Delos. He’s still at it.

Originally a software analyst, Trautman got hooked on sailing in 2001 after reading Three years in a Twelve-Foot Boat by Stephen G. Ladd.

What time he didn’t spend working, he spent learning to sail and saving money. He took the leap in 2009 after buying the 53-foot Amel Super Maramu Delos.

After he added video to his sailing blog, Trautman attracted as many as a million fans. The accompanying revenue from advertising and crowdfunding has kept his adventure going. He has a crew that includes his girlfriend, Karin Syrén, of Stockholm, and his brother, Brady.

This video has more about their story:

Life aboard Delos is not all fun and tropical adventures; the livelihoods of Trautman and his crew depend on their ability to churn out videos and photos for fans. This Soundings article has more.