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VIDEO: Dogged survivor

In an impressive display of survivor instinct, a dog on a boat that sank in northern California’s Richardson Bay during a storm swam a mile to shore.

The American Staffordshire terrier (or Amstaff), whose name is Daisy, then walked to a church she had visited with her owner and was reunited with him in an emotional meeting two days later.

Daisy belongs to Sausalito resident Stephen Alioto, who says he anchors his boat offshore because he can’t afford a slip fee.

When he temporarily left his constant companion on the boat to help a friend shoreside as the area was hit by a powerful storm, he returned to find only the mast rising above the surface. He assumed that Daisy had gone down with the ship, but this story has a happy ending.

"My neighbor told me there was a soaking-wet, shivering dog crouched in the church doorway around 7:30 a.m.," the Rev. Paul Mowry of Sausalito Presbyterian Church told the Marin Independent Journal. "Initially, I thought she was just a lost dog."

Two days later, Alioto and his companion were together again.

The fate of the boat remains undecided.