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VIDEO: Down the drain

One look at the mysterious swirling vortex that appeared in Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma-Texas border would make any prudent boater give the aquatic black hole a wide berth.

Although officials say it poses minimal hazard to boaters foolish enough to approach, this video clip, in which someone used a camera drone to stare straight down into the whirling water, is a sight to behold.

The vortex is the result of an Army Corps of Engineers move to lower water levels at Denison Dam spillway after record-breaking rains saturated the region.

The vortex has been reported to be eight feet in diameter, but B.J. Parkey, assistant lake manager at Lake Texoma, told the Business Insider that the width is closer to three feet.

Still, to avert nautical accidents, the Army Corps has marked the area with buoys and signs to keep people away. Parkey said the entire area is off-limits for boats.