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VIDEO: Ejected 'like rockets'

There are plenty of stories of solo boaters who fall overboard as their boat throttles on without them.

Two Florida fishermen had that helpless feeling when a wave hit their center console, causing one angler to bounce into his friend and knocking both of them overboard.

“My buddy was driving and we hit a rogue wave, and boom, it just flipped us. Both of us flew out of the boat like rockets,” Troy Petro told Fox 13 News. “It was instantaneous. I must have flown 15 feet in the air.”

The boat ran in circles at nearly full throttle for about 90 minutes in Tampa Bay before it ran out of gas.

Petro was not injured, but his buddy suffered a broken leg. Neither was wearing a life jacket and the driver did not have a kill-switch lanyard attached to his wrist.

"We determined they hit a wake, the weight of one person hit another person and they both were ejected from the boat," Ken Thompson, of Florida Fish and Wildlife, told Fox 13.

A good Samaritan boater picked up the injured angler as Petro swam to shore.