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VIDEO: Electric performer

The prototype testing is done, so watch for the Quadrofoil, a very cool all-electric hydrofoiling personal watercraft that looks like a waterbug.

It features battery-powered propulsion, a touch-screen steering wheel and four C-foils that lift the PWC above the surface and enable it to travel with minimum water resistance. We would gladly take one for a spin.

Quadrofoil’s lightweight composite modular hull weighs just 220 pounds and it should reach a top speed of 21 knots when it’s foiling. The Slovenian company Quadrofoil recently said its PWC will go into mass production with backing from the Austrian firm Alumero Group, according to the British nautical publication Motor Boating & Yachting.

The Alumero Group will make the Quadrofoil in the Slovenian town of Slovenska Bistrica. It can be had for about $25,000.