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VIDEO: 'Everything stowed'

The open ocean has a way of making even a big boat look small — especially in a storm blowing 85 knots and kicking up 50-foot seas.

A series of Atlantic storms battered the British and Irish coasts in February, causing extensive flooding and general destruction.

This video from Feb. 1 shows the storm Brigid, as seen from the bridge of a 204-foot, 1,500-ton ship off the south coast of Ireland.

The video is 6 minutes long, but check out the monster waves that roll in beginning at about the 3:50 mark.

"It can be dangerous, but you do a lot to mitigate the danger," said crewman Steve Golden, who posted the video. "Quite literally batten down the hatches. All doors shut, external and internal. Everything stowed. Doing the rounds regularly to check everything. I suppose, like most things, it’s as dangerous as you make it, but with the added possibility of drowning."

"I wouldn't advise anyone to do this job," Golden added. "It's a choice you make yourself."