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VIDEO: Finding the Musashi

A research team led by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen says it has located a World War II Japanese battleship that was considered one of the world's largest and the most technologically advanced warship of its time.

Using an underwater vehicle, the team aboard Allen's 414-foot superyacht Octopus found the 73,000-ton battleship Musashi on Sunday in the Sibuyan Sea off the Philippines.

Here’s a short clip the group posted from the dive.

The ship, secretly built and commissioned in 1942, was sunk by U.S. forces during the lead-up to the Battle of Leyte Gulf on Oct. 24, 1944. Its exact location remained undetermined until now.

Allen said he respects the area as a war grave and plans to work with the Japanese government "to ensure the site is treated respectfully and in accordance with Japanese traditions," according to a report by USA Today.