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VIDEO: Fish of a lifetime

The fishing had been quiet all day, lucky angler Michael Eisele said of his getaway trip off the Norwegian island of Sørøya.

“Then, just one hour before the turn of the tide, I got a bite,” he told Britain’s Daily Mail.

The German tourist soon realized he had hooked into a very large Atlantic cod that had his knees shaking during a 30-minute battle to reel the fish in.

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Alphonse Bielevich holds the record for a sport-caught cod, which he landed June 8, 1969. Barry Gibson photo

At 5 feet long and a record 103 pounds, it’s the largest cod ever landed by a recreational angler. If the International Game Fish Association approves the catch as a world record, the fish will supplant the current mark of 98 pounds, 12 ounces, for a cod caught nearly 44 years ago off New Hampshire.

The fish was so big that two of Eisele’s friends held on to him for fear that he’d be pulled overboard.

“It was an indescribable feeling,” Eisele told the British tabloid. “It was a fish of a lifetime. I am a little proud to have the record.”

And he has the photos to prove it. Click here for the Daily Mail report with images.

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